IOM releases Belarus first comprehensive assessment on labour migration

Minsk, Belarus – International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Belarus published the country first Holistic Assessment of Current Economic Development Strategies, Labour Migration and Remittances to Belarus.

Migration is inextricably linked with the economy – moving abroad migrants become part of the labour market, set up businesses, make investments; they also send remittances to support their families back home. An increasing number of countries opts to include outgoing labour migration into their national development strategies. Thus, states facilitate the employment of their citizens abroad, stimulate migrants’ remittances to be sent home, while ensuring the safety of their citizens - all of this contributes to making a better use of the potential of labour migration.

The published assessment analyses the national economic development strategies of Belarus from a labour migration angle and assesses the current situation with labour migration flows and remittances. It is the first attempt in Belarus to examine holistically the domestic labour migration system from the perspective of the government, employers, and migrant workers themselves. The assessment findings are expected to inform legislative changes and national action plans on leveraging labour migration to advance Belarus’ economic development. 

In order to better use the potential of emigrants, it is recommended to develop opportunities for temporary legal employment abroad, increase the participation  of women in external labour migration, create pre-conditions for the return and reintegration of migrants to Belarus, and strengthen migratory data on Belarusians  leaving to work abroad.

As for the foreign nationals working in Belarus, their contributions to the economic development of the country could be increased by simplifying the regulation of labour immigration, strengthening institutional cooperation, expanding the possibilities for the use of foreign labour force with the aim of solving current and future issues related to employment and the labour market, empowering migrant workers, implementing bilateral programmes for attracting highly qualified specialists from abroad, etc.

Through this intervention, IOM Belarus strengthened evidence-based gender-sensitive labour migration data and research in Belarus. The implementation of the recommendations will in turn contribute to developing a more effective labour migration system, which accelerates socio-economic development, contributes to meeting the needs of the labour market of Belarus - in line with  international standards and commitments of the Republic of Belarus.

The full assessment is available via this link.

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