National Referral Mechanism on Combatting Trafficking Enhanced in Belarus

Minsk, Belarus – Multidisciplinary groups responsible for identification, referral and reintegration of victims of human trafficking (MDG) are functioning in every region of Belarus and contribute to the effective functioning of the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) in the country.Governmental stakeholders and  civil society organizations – all being MDG members – annually meet in each oblast of Belarus to discuss the national and region-specific situation in the field of confronting human trafficking, exchange best practices in identification, referrals and reintegration of trafficking survivors, as well as establish contacts to ensure smooth cooperation on the issue. 

At this year MDG meetings held in May-June, a particular focus was made on examining the most effective multidisciplinary approaches for tackling child sexual exploitation and development of various scenarios for supporting abused children. The MDG meetings traditionally serve as a task force to coordinate counter-trafficking efforts for the year ahead.

Cooperation of various stakeholders remains vital in combatting human trafficking, as the crime has a complex nature, while the criminals adopt new technologies every year. To prevent and counter this crime, it is crucial to unite efforts at all the levels, including national and local ones. 

The meeting of the multidisciplinary group in Minsk was the last one out of the series of 2024 MDG meetings held across the country.

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